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What is wrong with me?

Your Spinal Health Index based on MAPS

MOBILITY refers to quality of well are your joints moving compared to what is considered normal? Mobility is measured at both the individual joint and how it interacts with surrounding joints.

ALIGNMENT refers to your posture and joint alignment. If your posture is correct and your joints are properly aligned and moving freely, your body functions better. Improper alignment causes joints to lose their normal motion, the result is decreased function, which leads to pain, inflammation and lack of health.

PAIN and Inflammation are frequently found together. The more inflammation in your body's cells, tissues, and joints, the more pain you have. Eating a poor diet, poor movement and high stress levels all increase inflammation in your body.

STABILITY refers to your muscle, ligament, and joint health. Without stability in your muscles, ligaments, and joints, any results you receive from our care in terms of pain relief and improved health will not last. STABILITY must occur.

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