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Are you one of the 66% of Americans that are struggling with being over weight or obese?  Are you tired of gimmicky weight loss pills, shakes, and plans that don’t work?  Or worse yet are not sustainable and lead to gaining the weight plus some back?  If you answered yes to any of the above then keep reading.

After 30 plus years of research into human health and wellness the genetic blue print to weight loss and better health have been discovered!!  There is  a simple genetic blue print that if you follow it you will be healthy.  When you are healthy you have more energy, you move towards a healthy weight, life is just better.

It turns out that every animal species has a genetic blue print for health.  What I mean by this is that in order to be healthy every Zebra needs the same things. (same food, same exercise or calorie expenditure, same social interaction)  Have you ever heard a Zebra say it needed a vacation?  I just can’t graze today.  I just can’t run from that lion today.  Of course not.  Then why are we always talking about needing a break or a vacation?  The answer is simple we are not following our genetic blue print for health.

Before you read on you must understand the following concepts

  1. Genetically we are wild animals living in captivity.   this puts stress on our bodies just like it does to the animals in the zoo.
  2. when we are under stress we go into fight or flight (this is natural and intelligent) the problem is that we never change our environment so over time this response leads to weight gain, fatigue, and other chronic illnesses.
  3. The only way to solve this is to remove the stressors!!!

Here is what we genetically require to lose weight and be healthy…..

  1. a minimum of 30 minutes of walking everyday
  2. resistance exercises at least 3 times a week (body weight or weights)
  3. maximal effort exercise 2-3 times a week (sprints, burpees, etc)
  4. Eat real food (real food does not have a label), mostly plants (80% of our calories should come from fruits, veggies, and nuts or seeds, and not too much (means to eat for nutrients not calories)
  5. Drink half your body weight in oz. of water everyday
  6. Have Positive self talk (be your biggest fan)
  7. Be grateful for what you have

It is really that simple Now go be a wild healthy human!!!