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Here are 3 secrets to better health… If you do these 3 simple things everyday  for 90 days you will notice a huge difference in your health

1) You are what you eat!!   instead of focusing on focusing on what to give up focus and adding healthy food.  We call this Fresh Fiber First.  All you need to do is eat a fruit and or vegetable first then eat what ever you want, simple right! even if you still eat pizza if you eat and apple first you still are eating an apple as well.

2)Movement is life!!! Lay out your work out clothes the night before and put them where you will see them in the morning.   The key to this one is if you do not want to exercise just put on the clothes and walk outside and breathe deeply for 5 minutes everyday, Yes it is that simple!!!  “Eventually you will get bored of breathing and go for a walk”

3) Mindset Matters!!!! This one is super simple and will have a Extreme affect on your life! Get a notebook and a pen and keep it next to your bed.  Every night before you go to bed write down 3 things you are grateful for from that day, again that easy!!!  this will train your mind to focus on the positive parts of your life and will help you sleep better!!

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