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Well, it is resolution season as the new year approaches.  What are your new years resolutions?  Are they the same as last year?  Do you ever wonder why your resolutions don’t seem to stick?  We will discuss this as well as how be successful in your resolutions this year!!!!

The first thing we need to look at is common knowledge vs. common action.   I am sure none of you are surprised to hear that you need to eat 10-15 servings of fruits and vegetables per day or that smoking causes cancer.  If this is true, why do people eat donuts instead of a carrot when they say they want to be healthy?  Why do people choose to smoke even though they know it will kill them

The answer is in our beliefs.  Most people try to change the behavior, like eating junk food instead of vegetables, or working out every morning.  Your brain will not consistently make you do something you don’t believe is important.  For example if you say to yourself “I hate exercise”  your will power runs out and you will stop exercise with in a couple of weeks. However, if you change how you think about exercise and focus on the benefits of it, like being able to play with your kids, your subconscious brain takes this as the path of least resistance, and it becomes easy to do (willpower is no longer needed).

So how do you change your beliefs?     Here is a simple and effective method that I was shown at Dr. Chestnut’s Wellness Camp that helped change my life..

  1.   Take a piece of paper and divide it into 4 quadrants.
  2.   On the top of the page: write the behavior you want to change (eating junk food)
  3.   In the top right quadrant: write Self talk (what you  say to justify eating junk food) (Example: I worked out today, I deserve it, it’s just one. This represents your current belief system).
  4.    In the bottom right quadrant: write a pros and cons list of keeping the behavior. (example pros and cons to eating junk food)
  5.   In the bottom left quadrant: write a pros and cons list to changing the behavior.   (Example: pros and cons of eating vegetables and fruits instead of junk food)
  6.   In the top left quadrant: write “New belief System” and underneath it write pros. Put down the pros from the lower left quadrant and the cons from the lower right quadrant.
  7. Cut out the upper left quadrant and review this list 5 times a day for 30 days in a row. Presto! A new belief that puts the desired behavior on the path of least resistance.