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Why treat at the change of seasons?  When we reach equinox and solstice, there is a shift in the electromagnetic energy.  These shifts can affect your body energy, mental state, metabolism and autonomic nervous system.  With winter coming, there is an uptick in the amount of colds, allergies and sinus, lung weakness as well as flu issues. People get flu shots for prevention…why not bolster your immune system from within with an acupuncture tune up? 

Acupuncture was introduced to the United States in the 70’s and has been gaining traction as one of the original holistic healing techniques.  It treats the source of the problem instead of the symptoms. The goal of the treatment is to release blockages in the flow of energy where it is deficient and move it away from where it is excess. Acupuncture can be delivered by sterile needle, laser, electricity, and massage and/or pressure.





Conditions that are treated successfully at Health Source include all types of PAIN such as neck and back, sports injuries- knees, hips and ankles as well as shoulders, elbows and wrists.  Also treated are headache, autoimmune and addiction syndromes in general.  DIGESTIVE issues such as hiatal hernia, heartburn and reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation, bloat and diarrhea respond well.  HORMONES for women and men both are treated and include symptoms of difficult fertility, menopause, andropause, endometriosis, prostate issues and PMS. IMMUNITY such as colds, flu and allergies are also treated quite successfully.

Acupuncture is effective, painless and easily accessible with a call to our office.

 Dr. Sharon L Fitelson,   Lic Acu.


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