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10 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

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  1. Drink Plenty of Water
    • Your body functions better when it is adequately hydrated. Think of a piece of beef jerky going through a movement versus a piece of uncooked steak. The uncooked steak will move better and ultimately function better!
    • Staying hydrated helps your body’s cells work better by eliminating toxins, viruses and bacteria. As a rule of thumb, drink ½ of your body weight in ounces of water a day!
  2. Eat Nutrient Rich Foods
    • Choose colorful vegetables and fruits to fill your diet during these times. Although we may want to binge watch Netflix and eat unhealthy meals, this will make you more susceptible to contracting this virus.
    • Fill your daily meals with foods from the produce section at the grocery store instead of foods that come from the middle aisles.
  3. Avoid Processed Sugars and Foods
    • Processed foods and sugars actually cause an immunosuppressive response and mineral deficiencies in the body. If we want to boost our immune systems function, we have to stop suppressing them. These foods lack vitamins and minerals which are essential to your immune system. Avoid things like pop, fried foods, alcohols, sugars, and candy.
  4. Get Adequate Sleep and Rest
    • Helps your immune system in detox, fighting infections, inflammation and arming your immune response! Now is a great time to get a better sleep routine down. Try to get 7-9 hours a sleep.
  5. Take Supplements that are proven to Boost your Immune System
    • Vitamin D
      1. Natural immune system booster
    • Olive Leaf Extract
      1. Antioxidant with anti-viral and anti-bacteria properties
    • Omega 3 or Fish Oil
      1. Decreases inflammation and enhances white blood cells ability to do their job!
    • Greens
      1. Heavy with antioxidants that help boost your body’s immune system and help to fight inflammation, bacteria, and viruses!
    • Probiotics
      1. Boosts the function and ability of your gut to do what it is supposed to do during digestion. This will help your body process through anything ingested into your body, good or bad!
    • Avoid echinacea, elderberry and honey
      • These are great supplements to take during cold/flu outbreaks to help. However, they have a negative response to the Corona virus.
  6. Daily Physical Activity
    • Daily exercise will boost blood flow, which circulates white blood cells throughout your body. White blood cells are a part of the immune system that protect the body against disease. The immune system responds to exercise by producing more of these cells. Exercise also increase your body’s temperature which helps fight off infection (similar to a fever!). When we exercise breathing rate goes up which works to flush your lungs and airways.
    • Start by going out for a 20-minute walk or follow along a local gyms social media page where they are posting daily exercise routines that can be performed at home!
  7. Perform Daily Stress Reduction Techniques
    • It is important to begin incorporating daily habits to eliminate the stress that overwhelms us. Increased stress causes an immunosuppression response in your body. Hence why more people tend to get sick around the holidays which tend to be a very stressful time of the year for people. This is no different during these times.
    • Meditate with some alone time, spend time in prayer, guided meditation on YouTube or read a book!
  8. Get Adjusted!
    • An adjustment to your Thoracic (mid-back) Spine has shown to boost your white blood cell count for the next 12 hours. Your white blood cells are what fight off infections and inflammation. So come get adjusted!
  9. Wash Hands and Practice Good Hygiene
    • Focus on the task at hand and wash for AT LEAST 20 seconds. Use a dry towel to clean off the excess water and soap.
  10. Don’t Panic
    • Information is king. Stay informed from reputable sources like the CDC or the WHO or your local health care providers. Ask us your questions, call your primary care provider, go to the CDCs website and please don’t listen to social media posts, news outlets and information without backing or real evidence.


Stay Healthy Friends,

Dr. Cory Lamar (HS Rocky River)

Dr. Bob Griesse (HS Fairlawn)