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Vibration Decreases Pain


Your tissues are designed to glide over each other. When you have restrictions or adhesions in your tissues your health will decline in more ways than one and the lack of comfortable mobility will affect the quality of your life.  One way our office assists in increasing mobility to your tissues is through vibration. 

Vibration stimulates our mechanoreceptors that help us with awareness of our body in space and time.  When our mechanoreceptors are stimulated, they override signals coming from our pain fibers.  When you injure a body part, you either try to shake or compress it.   These actions provide sensory input to the nervous system to tell your brain where that body part is.  Maybe, you have heard of restless leg syndrome or RLS.  This is another example of the central nervous system losing awareness of a body part as a reduction of proper signaling between mind and body.  

Lack of awareness or utilization of a joint will cause the body to develop adhesions that build up over time.  Adhesions stop the proper transfer of forces through the body and begin altering efficient biomechanics.  This is also evidence of bracing in the body.  Although you may not YET be in pain, this is a protective mechanism for the body if there has been an injury that it is attempting to compensate for.  Vibration can assist in breaking the adhesions up, increase circulation to the injured tissue, and increase lymph flow to remove bad inflammation from the tissues. 

We utilize vibration in the office with through different tools to assist patients in recovery from their injuries and accelerate the amount of time for healing.  Patients are consistently asking us for quality products, and we have listed a few of our favorites below.  Enjoy the vibe!