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The Best Chiropractor In Franklin Tennessee Common Shoulder Dysfunctions


At Healthsource Chiropractic, we know that studies have shown the connection between the rotator cuff muscles to the scapula to be significant. We know the main rotator cuff muscles: the infraspinatus and teres minor, which are strong external rotator of the arm, pull on the scapula and create a “winged” appearance. The same can be said about the pectoral muscles of the major and minor. Tightness and or forward posture will likely cause a rolling effect of the shoulders. This rolling puts the shoulders in an unnatural position. Our Healthsource offices, have been linked to correcting this problem. Chiropractic treatments in general, can correct this problem. We can correct this along with corrective stretching, manipulation, and corrective exercising. A Franklin Chiropractor will aid in solving this problem. Linking weakness, particularly in the deep flexors of the neck, including: the sternocleidomastoid muscles, can cause severe dysfunctions which A Franklin Chiropractor at Healthsource could help with. When looking at comparative studies strengthening these areas can create a balance between flexibility and stability, which aids in in creating a solution with these problems. With a Healthsource chiropractor we know that the spinal manipulations we provide can provide a relationship with the corresponding muscles and how they relate to the composition of the spinal column, in addition to the nerve pathways, which will improve mobility throughout the whole body.

This spinal adjustment along with such modalities like electrical stimulation, can actually decrease muscle soreness and inflammation in these areas. In general, deep muscular pain can help with the main and common problems we seen. The dysfunctions of the human body connect with the main motor and neuropathways and the muscle tissue that connects to the transverse processes can affect the general positioning of the spinal column. A Franklin Chiropractor, sees the relationship of this positioning when looking at cervical, thoracic, and lumbar problems. The sciatic nerve can radiate pain with tonic muscles in the piriformis muscles and glute major. A Franklin Chiropractor relates when pain is shooting down the legs bilaterally. When trigger points are found along these muscular pathways, we seen the link along with showing evidence of helping and completely alleviating these dysfunctions in the human body. A strong relationship between fascia and soft tissue manipulations aligning these areas will give the patient some relief. When we see these issues, we can successfully solve these major dysfunctions within the body it gives a chiropractic a realm in which we cannot only treat spinal misalignments, but also muscular dysfunctions. The active release technique, which is commonly used at A Franklin Chiropractor, can benefit suffers with muscular tension, in addition the adjustments. Major and minor tears of the rotator cuff muscle, specifically the infraspinatus (external rotator) and the more commonly torn supraspinatus (internal rotator) can see improvement with cold laser therapy treatment, which is offered at Healthsource A Franklin Chiropractor. Different modalities can be combined together to help manage and or completely heal this without surgical intervention.

A Franklin Chiropractor Healthsource office have seen and successfully treated problems that stem from the cervical, and thoracic region, when they relate specifically with dysfunctions in the shoulder and scapular region. One common problem is thoracic outlet syndrome, numbness and tingling can be felt down the back of the arm stemming from the mid-back region shooting pain down the posterior side of the arm into the fingers. We also see problem at Healthsource chiropractic with cervicogenic headaches. These headaches which have been seen at the chiropractic, a Franklin Chiropractor office can mostly be felt in the sub-occipital region of the skull. These small muscles can cause major problems. The deep flexors and extensors of the neck can be tightened with excessive flexion of the neck. We have seen these troubles with modern day technology as well computer related workplace. A Franklin Chiropractor is leading the way at correcting these, with spinal manipulation, corrective exercise routine, and postural assessments. The more aware one is of their movements, the better off this treatment will work.

A Healthsource Franklin Chiropractor can give proper examination and assessment to check for these modern-day dysfunctions within the body. Our Franklin Healthsource office will do a thorough examination, which combined orthopedic, neurological, chiropractic techniques to cover all basis for treatments. These problems are seen from a broad perspective with a trained eye carefully assessing them. One may not know they have these dysfunctions going on until they start causing problems, thus a proper examination should be performed if one feels the slightest discomfort in these general areas. Pain can sometimes be felt in the elbow leading down to the tips of the fingers, in this case a nerve could potentially be impinged, which would lead to some type impingement syndromes along the nerve pathways of the forearm. Tightness in the forearms can sometimes cause inflammation in the muscles of the extensors of the forearms. Irritation can cause these areas to swell up and send pain down the fingers depending on how badly the nerve is impinged. This is commonly how problems such as: golfers’ elbow and tennis elbow are brought on. In conjunction with treatment for this we can use several modalities to combat these problems. Our Healthsource Franklin Chiropractors are looking to completely diminish these problems with several different techniques. Any joint and or muscular tissue can be manipulated, in this case the elbow joint. Taking pressure off of these nerve pathways is key to treating any problem. Reduce inflammation and correct the movement patterns associated with the dysfunction of that particular area.

In conclusion, we see many of these problems alleviated or completely diminished with a Franklin Chiropractor at a Healthsource office. Troublesome, shooting, neurological pain can be dealt with using several different modalities to combat these every day troubles. Correct the problem and the way our bodies operate can become a new way of living and the results can be everlasting. It’s the combinations of Healthsource A Franklin Chiropractor that can solve several problems making people live a healthier more productive life. Give a Healthsource chiropractor a call today at 615-791-9917.