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Degenerative Arthritis: a Disease or an Intelligent Response?

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Most sources in the medical literature cite the following causes for developing degenerative or osteoarthritis: age, excess weight, past injury, and even genetics. Are any of these truly causes of arthritis or are each of these more likely to contribute to the conditions that allow degenerative arthritis to develop which is, faulty biomechanics?

When the body perceives an impending threat, it responds in a variety of ways. It may create pain and inflammation, protective tightness or muscle spasm, and compensation in movement patterns; all of which change the optimal movement of an involved joint. If left uncorrected over time, the body responds by locking down that joint movement by approximating the joint surfaces, building up excess bone in the joint space in the way of spurs, and eventually fusing the joint surfaces together.

Degenerative arthritis cannot be helped by medication. It can only be treated by correcting joint mechanics or replacing the joints with surgery. Restoring mobility, correcting alignment and improving stability are the only way to prevent degenerative arthritis from developing and progressing.