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Is your Work Station Working Against Your Health?

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Is your Workstation Right for You?

Many of you have been forced into working from home or found other accommodations for your job over this last year. You may have thought it was temporary, so you may not have taken the time to assess and set up your workstation to provide your body the least amount of physical strain or be able to endure several hours of sitting at a desk, countertop, or dining room table.

Here are a couple of tips to help you:

• Desk and Chair – First, if this is a permanent change, you may wish to consider a stand-up desk or one that raises up and down. If this is not possible, your chair should allow your legs to be straight in front of you with your feet on the floor or footrest, so your knees are level with, or slightly above your hips.

• Head position – your screen should be large and at eye-level to minimize slouching and forward head posture. This will cause strain on your back muscles and spinal joints and may lead to early degeneration in the neck.

• Hand/Arm position – If you are using a laptop you may need to invest in a separate keyboard or second monitor to allow your keyboard and mouse to be slightly out in front of you. Your elbows should be down at your sides so you can keep your upper back straight and shoulders back.