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"Resolvin" Inflammation

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We know that inflammation is a healthy and necessary response our body uses to help heal and recover and that we shouldn’t take significant steps to stifle or mitigate the acute inflammatory response.

We should, however, have the necessary elements and nutrients in our body to clean up the inflammatory cytokines, waste and damaged cells that are left over to help the body in the recovery process. One of the most important substances in our system to help our bodies recover from inflammation and protect it from an over-reaction of the inflammatory response is a family of mediators called Resolvins.

Resolvins are created in our bodies from polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), including EPA and DHA. We can consume those from marine sources like fish, but most western diets do not contain enough to effectively control or recover from the inflammatory process. This deficiency in PUFAs consumption and the depletion of resolvin in the body, is what leads to an overabundance of chronic inflammation and failure to respond and recover from acute inflammation following an injury. Therefore, it is important to supplement with a high-quality source of Omega-3 like the HS Omega Optimize to supply the PUFA’s necessary to create resolvin and prevent unnecessary inflammation.