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The Webster Technique: Adjustments for Pregnant Women

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Going through a pregnancy is a trial for the human body. Organs, muscles, and other internal structures must physically shift their position to make space in the womb for the child to grow. Internal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause pain, swelling, or stiffness throughout the body; this is why chiropractic adjustments are so important for new mothers.


At HealthSource of Plainfield, Dr. Jennifer Breuer-Harej is certified through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) in the Webster Technique. The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic adjustment of the pelvis for pregnant women to reduce the effects of sacral subluxations and sacroiliac joint dysfunction caused by body changes during pregnancy. What this means is that a woman’s hips can be moved or rotated from their original position as her baby grows larger. This reorientation of the hips starts to strain supporting muscles causing pain and can also affect the nerves running through the lower body, leading to difficulties giving birth. The Webster Technique has also been proven to help mothers whose babies have rotated in the womb (breech babies). An unnatural birthing position can make child-birth dangerous for both baby and mother. The goal of the Webster Technique is not to re-rotate the baby (breech turning), although that is a common side effect; the goal is to ensure the mother’s body and the baby’s body stay in alignment during and after pregnancy. 

Dr. Jennifer Breuer-Harej prides herself in providing exceptional chiropractic care for mothers and children. We would love to see if the Webster Technique would be right for you, please give us a call at (815) 782-7097 or schedule on our website ( so we can help give you the pregnancy of your dreams!