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Vitamin D: The Essential Supplement

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The wonders of Vitamin D; is it a Vitamin or a Hormone?

A vitamin is an essential nutrient that our bodies must obtain from food. This is not truly the case with vitamin D as our bodies can manufacture it and convert it into a more useful form in the presence of sunlight.

Here is how vitamin D plays important roles in various systems throughout the body:

-Musculo-Skeletal - regulates calcium levels which is necessary for strong bones and proper muscle function

-Immune system - has been shown to strengthen the immune system and improve autoimmune diseases

-Metabolism - low levels have been shown to affect insulin levels and has been correlated with obesity

-Cardiovascular system - can help prevent blood clots, strengthen heart muscles and support the linings of blood vessels

-Psychological/Emotional - helps regulate mood and has been shown to prevent anxiety and depression