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A New Season with NEW Opportunities!

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There's something special about Spring! Wherever you live, the changing of a current season into one that is new, fresh, clean...and something that gets all of us excited! The funny thing about this season is it creates many more opportunities for people to venture out of their "caves" and into the outdoors, BUT it also carries potentialĀ unseen problems.

This spring, take the changing of seasons slowly. While it's exciting to air out the garage for a deep cleaning or get down into the dirt in your garden, listen to your body. Remember, the activities you want to throw yourself into are MUCH different than the relative dormancy you've been living with in the last few months. We tend to see the most activity related injuries in our offices this time of year as people move without thinking about what they are doing, assuming their body will keep up with the demand. April Showers Bring May Flowers...make sure you're able to enjoy the flowers!Ā