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Do you make these 5 headache mistakes?

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Are these 5 mistakes, hindering you from complete pain relief?

  1. Getting Half-Fixed?  Partial solutions, whether it be massage, yoga, stretches and Pilates (and even the fitness center) can be NO MATCH for Progressive Rehab—our exclusive, multi-pronged approach for spine, muscles, joints and nerves...PLUS rehab and powerful home strategies for long-lasting RELIEF!

  2. Giving Up Hope? Many of our patients used to think their pain was permanent because it never went away. Then they found out it wasn’t even a “head” problem at all—just referred pain from joints, muscles and nerves.

  3. Trusting the Band-Aid Approach? Pills, shots and even surgery may be just temporary cover-ups. They may not deal with WHY you’re hurting in the first you may be going downhill without knowing it. You may be feeling better while you’re causing permanent damage.

  4. Pushing Through Pain? The only time it’s safe to push through pain is when you’re training for athletics—and even then, you’ve gotta be careful about overriding the body’s WARNING system, which is PAIN. It’s as dangerous as taking the safety guard off your lawn mower—you get by with it for a while, but you’re taking unnecessary risks.

  5. Sweeping It Under the Rug? “Good things come to those that wait”...but this old saying does NOT apply to pain. You may cause permanent damage—even arthritis—by waiting too long to get help.

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