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Enough with the soda already!

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By HealthSource Chiropractic

We don’t get preachy very often, especially when it comes to food. We are all about moderation…if you want a dessert every once and a while, go ahead! Enjoy life.

But this obsession with soda has got to stop! It’s literally killing us.

See, soda isn’t a drink like water or even juice. It’s liquid candy so stop believing that it’s an appropriate way to quench your thirst.

In fact, a 20-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola Classic contains 65 grams of sugar, or the equivalent of 5 Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.

So, what should we all be drinking? Water! Put a lemon or berries in it to make it more palatable for you and your children, but water is really the best option.

Now, I understand it’s the holidays, so you’re bound to indulge a little, but before you grab for that 2-liter, think about whether you’d rather have your dessert in a glass or on a plate.