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Pregnancy Pain And Chiropractic Care

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Pregnancy is a magnificent experience for some full of sleep, yummy cravings and little pain. For others the ride can be wild, full of nausea, sleep troubles and headaches. While most pregnant women fall somewhere in the middle with no extreme difficulties but lots of little hiccups along the way there are ways to find relief without sacrificing safety. There's no question about it, the birth of a sweet baby outweighs the short-term discomfort of pregnancy, but no one wants to experience any unnecessary pain if it can be alleviated. Here are some tips to finding pain relief for pregnancy induced discomfort: Stay Active. If you were exercising pre-pregnancy it's highly recommended to continue exercising during your pregnancy to maintain a healthy weight, to make delivery easier and to ease joint pain that often comes with pregnancy and weight gain (even mild weight gain). Moderate weight gain is expected and healthy but too much weight gain can make it uncomfortable for you-wearing on your joints and muscles. Sit With Support. If you're experiencing neck pain or back pain during your pregnancy, make sure you are sitting and resting with adequate lumbar support. Not only are you trying to balance any extra weight you've gained during your pregnancy, you're also carrying extra baby weight up front, which can throw off your balance, shifting your body weight forward. Check for good posture while sitting and standing so your neck and back aren't forced to compensate for an unevenly distributed weight load. Good lumbar support while sitting and a firm mattress while sleeping on your side at night can offer pain relief. All Shoes Are Not Equal. Supportive footwear can provide some discomfort in your feet, legs, hips and back. Since your feet do so much of the work and carry your entire body weight (plus one or more during pregnancy), it's important to properly support them. Pregnancy can be a challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. It's best to attend to your health, especially during pregnancy, so eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. Before you know it, the baby you've been anticipating will be keeping you busier than you thought possible.