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What is Kinesiology Taping?

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Kinesiology tape has a variety of benefits as it relates to therapy. Not only does it help with injury, but it is also very helpful in the healing process and inflammatory issues. It gives support and stability to your muscles and does not affect range of motion or circulation. It is used for anything from back problems to carpel tunnel.

4 Benefits of taping

Pain Relief, Reduction of swelling and inflammation, Better Strength and Muscle town in injured muscles, Structural Support for Body Parts.

History of Kinesiology Taping:

  • First developed over 25 years ago
  • 2008 Summer Olympics – Several athletes competing with colorful tape on their bodies.
  • Water resistant with a long lasting adhesive (4-6 days in duration)
  • Used to maintain range of motion while decreasing pain/inflammation and improving proprioception.

Types of Taping:

  1. Rehab Taping Method
  2. Power Taping Method
  3. Pregnancy Taping Method
  4. Inflammation/Edema Control Method

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