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Your Body's Many Cries for water


By Dr. David Campbell


Summer is here!  Being as hot as it is, your body is constantly battling dehydration.  All it takes is a 3% drop in your hydration levels to begin to feel joint pain.  That is your body adapting to its environment.  Keep drinking water and more is needed now that the AC is running constantly as it takes even more moisture out of the air and so as you sleep, you are losing even more water.  Many people end up confusing thirst for hunger and eat instead.  Drink 16 oz. of water first and before every meal and see how it helps you feel full faster as well as helping your body make enough stomach acid and protective mucus so you don't end up with ulcers or GERD.  Drink up people!  It's the easiest way to relieve lots of ailments including headaches, stomach pain, joint pain and muscle aches and cramps.