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Your Chiropractor Encourages You To Not Be Fooled By These Foods

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Summertime is prime time for swimsuits, bikinis and beach bodies. Because many people scrutinize their diets when inches and calories count, salads, fruity desserts and summer drinks are in abundance but you may want to take a closer look. Some of the foods you are eating, thinking they are healthy, are actually laden with fat, sugar and lots of calories. Here are some common foods that may be misleading you as you make food choices: Caesar Salad. While the vegetables (primarily lettuce) are great for your waistline, the dressing and cheese are full of calories and fat. Opt for dressing and cheese on the side so you can use a smaller portion, cutting down on your calorie intake. If you need more flavor, go with a salad that lets you opt for more veggies and then go crazy. Bean and Cheese Burrito. You may think that eating no meat means you're eating healthier but when you top those beans with cheese and sour cream you're sabotaging everything else that's redeeming in that burrito of yours. Opt for less or no cheese, more vegetables and a lean meat for protein. You'll find that you're just as full but without all the density that cheese and sour cream can provide. Fruit Smoothie. What could be bad about something that has the word fruit in it? Many of those fruit smoothies have sugar, ice cream and whole milk in them. Think milkshake with fruit. Ask about the ingredients before you order and if it's not up to par, order something else with more fruit and fewer calories. If you are up to making your own, you can customize it to your taste and even add a few healthy extras like flax seed, kale or ginger. Healthy options for meals or snacks are readily available in your local grocery store and even restaurants are becoming more accommodating. Along with regular chiropractic care, your chiropractor will encourage you to eat healthy and balanced meals and snacks. Good health starts on the inside and makes itself known on the outside.