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Carpal Tunnel

Carpel Tunnel

Could the tingling in your fingers be carpal tunnel syndrome?

The carpal tunnel is the passageway in your wrist through which nerves and the flexor muscles of your hands and fingers pass. Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to the aggravation of the carpal tunnel as the result of repetitive movements, such as typing or playing musical instruments. But it can also be brought on by poor posture or even pregnancy.

Carpal tunnel symptoms can range from occasional tingling and numbness in your fingers to constant pain in your hands and wrists. And it tends to lead to weakness in your overall grip.

Surgeons commonly suggest surgery to treat carpal tunnel, but not only is this invasive, it may do little to relieve your pain. At HealthSource, your expert chiropractic team can treat your carpal tunnel syndrome using non-invasive therapy like nerve-release techniques, ergonomics, and posture realignment to help you find relief. Our personalized treatment plan can help you find relief without resorting to surgery.

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