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Knee Pain

Everyday activities—like exercise, gardening, housecleaning, and playing with the kids—put a lot of pressure on your knees.

The knee joint only bends in one direction: backwards. Because of the limited range of motion and the load they carry, the knee is one of the most common places for injury. Knee pain may limit your hobbies, affect your daily activities, and even disturb your sleep.

Are you active in sports and experiencing a ligament strain or ACL injury? Is your osteoarthritis  causing achy knees? Whatever your knee trouble, HealthSource has non-invasive treatments to help you get pain relief.

Our exclusive Progressive Rehab program is designed to stabilize the injured area and eliminate knee pain. This combination of precise chiropractic care along with therapy and rehab aids, like kinesiology tape and custom orthotics, will have your knee going strong again.

Contact your HealthSource clinic to get started on your knee pain treatment today.

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