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Sprains & Strains

Sprains & Strains

Recover from a sprain faster with a little help from your chiropractor.

With so much to get done every day, you don’t have time to be off your feet to nurse a sprain or strain. What’s the difference between the two? A sprain occurs when you overly stretch your ligaments, like those in your ankle or wrist. A strain occurs when your muscles or tendons are twisted. In either case, the pain can make it hard to get around the house or office or stop you from participating in your favorite physical activities.

Fortunately, your local HealthSource specializes in diagnosing the cause of your pain and reducing your recovery time. We provide a thorough exam, including an x-ray, if needed, to determine exactly what is wrong and design a treatment plan that is unique to you and your goals. Our Progressive Rehab program combines chiropractic care, a variety of therapies, and a wellness regimen to give you relief and help you prevent re-injury.

Don’t let a sprain or strain hold you back. Make an appointment with your local HealthSource clinic and get back to doing what you love.

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