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If it’s tendonitis, we’ll help you treat it.

Your tendons are strong flexible bands that connect muscle to the bone. Even though your tendons can support an extraordinary amount of stretching and weight, they can also become inflamed by repetitive movements. This inflammation, called tendonitis (and sometimes spelled tendinitis), is what causes that feeling of joint pain and stiffness. If your pain gets worse when you use the affected joint, or if it feels worse in the mornings and at night, it might be tendonitis.

You may have heard terms like tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. These are localized examples of tendonitis from repetitive actions, but tendonitis isn’t just a problem for the sports enthusiast. Painting walls, raking leaves, and even house cleaning can all lead to inflamed tendons.

At HealthSource we take the time to understand your condition and develop a specialized treatment plan to not only help you find relief from tendonitis symptoms, but also to help you avoid re-injuring the area.

Whether you’re ready to hit lobs or just get back to that pile of dishes, the experts at your local HealthSource can help you do it without pain.

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