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It’s hard to pronounce it, but we’re experts at treating it!

Have you recently started to experience a limited range of motion in your neck? Or unusual neck stiffness or headaches? You could have torticollis. This condition is a form of prolonged muscle contractions, what medical professionals call dystonia, and it can produce a lot of pain.

This involuntary muscle contraction can be caused by genetic factors or from damage to your nervous system. Anyone can experience it, including babies. Newborns delivered using forceps or a vacuum are prone to developing infant torticollis, which can affect breastfeeding or head movement.

Your HealthSource chiropractor can help relieve your symptoms by correcting the underlying causes of torticollis. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation and then deliver the highest-quality chiropractic care to treat your pain and expand your range of motion again. And this treatment is just as safe and effective for babies!

There is no reason for you—or your child—to live with the pain associated with torticollis. Visit your local HealthSource today for fast and effective relief.  

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