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FREE 10-Point Body Checkup Screening + Trial Gym Membership.

According to a recent U.S. News and World Report survey, 68 percent of those making a New Year's resolution in 2018 want to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately, 80 percent will not keep this resolution past February. Why? Mainly, they start exercising and dieting without first getting a professional physical exam.

In order for you to succeed, you may need professional help to evaluate your physical condition – from muscular and skeletal to pain points and nutrition. This knowledge may just help to guide your exercise experience and ensure you are optimizing your performance at the right level to prevent injuries.

That’s why we’ve started a 10-Point Body Check Up Screening for you or anyone you know that can use an assessment. Check up includes:

  1.    Headache Check
  2.    Neck Pain Check
  3.    Posture Check
  4.    Low Back Pain Check
  5.    Range of Motion Assessment
  6.    Flexibility Check
  7.    Stability Assessment
  8.    Foot Assessment
  9.    Nutritional Assessment
  10.    Muscular Assessment  

So remember before you and a buddy jump into exercise action, make sure you get Tuned-Up with our 10-Point Check Up Screening. We’ll make sure your body is resolution ready when it comes to beginning your work out plan, and if any aches and pains do arise, we’re your partner to get you pain-free without any drugs or dangerous prescriptions. Call to schedule your visit today!

*Participating locations only. Offer not valid in South Dakota and North Dakota. Click here for additional disclaimers.

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