Unwind and de-stress with a massage.


Part of taking care of yourself is reducing stress in your life wherever you can. A buildup of stress can affect you not only emotionally, but physically as well. While deep-breathing techniques, yoga, or going for a run may help, sometimes you need a little professional assistance to help you fully unwind.

Massage is an ideal way to reduce stress and increase your overall well-being. Even a single massage session has been shown to mitigate stress by reducing cortisol and insulin levels and significantly lowering your heart rate.

Your HealthSource massage therapist will unwind tight knots, relax tense nerves, and increase circulation to your congested areas resulting in improved body function. You’ll leave your massage session feeling relaxed and energized.

Many HealthSource clinics offer a 15-minute “Stress Break” massage that provides many of the same tension-releasing benefits of a full massage, but in less time.

Schedule a massage at your local HealthSource to relax and recharge.

*Massage may be included as a part of your treatment plan.

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