Consistency is Key!

Consistency is Key!

In the health and wellness community we are smothered with buzz words and fads that come and go. This is not productive for many individuals trying to reach their optimal health. So this year when you set your new years resolutions keep in mind one very important word. CONSISTENCY!

Many times we think we need to achieve a level of health/fitness we see elite athletes and professionals reaching. We put on our shoes and give it 100%. The problem lies in the fact most of the time this 100% effort is not sustainable. This is where consistency comes into play.

Consistency doesn’t mean never missing a beat. The future is unknown and sometimes life throws us some curve balls. However, when we are thrown a curve ball we need to pick ourselves back up and push on. Consistency will deliver results that will allow for healthy lifestyle changes. To make healthy lifestyle changes not only is consistency key, but developing a sustainable plan is equally important. This is where the trans theoretical model can be beneficial. This model consists of five stages to include:

  1. Precontemplation – time before a change is considered
  2. Contemplation - when a change is being considered
  3. Preparation – making a plan
  4. Action – putting the plan into action
  5. Maintenance – maintaining CONSISTENCY!

So when a plan is being designed make sure it is realistic and sustainable.

Best of Luck and Stay Consistent,

Shane D. McFee M.S.

Rehabilitation Specialist

HealthSource of Fairlawn