Progressive Rehabilitation

When you have access to Progressive Rehab, surgery is your last resort.

Progressive Rehabilitation

If you’ve been living with pain, you’ve been missing out on your favorite activities. It’s been hard to play with the kids, or drag yourself out with friends, or just get through the workday. You might feel that surgery is your only course of treatment. But non-invasive help is available at your local HealthSource clinic.

We’ve developed our exclusive Progressive Rehab program through years of research and experience. The purpose is not only to eliminate your pain, but address the underlying problems to keep your discomfort from returning.

Our Progressive Rehab approach is tailored to your unique health needs. After a thorough exam, we start with a muscle release to unwind knots, restore power, and free stiff joints and trapped nerves. Chiropractic adjustments unlock your back, neck, and shoulders. Then we use advanced stretching techniques to get you more limber and loose, so you can heal faster. We add soothing therapies to calm aching tissues and reduce swelling quickly. Finally, we re-tool, re-balance, and rehab the weak areas, to help you avoid re-injury.

Before you schedule that surgery, make an appointment with your HealthSource chiropractor and explore non-invasive relief through Progressive Rehab.  

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