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Brenda Salto

Billing Specialist

Brenda graduated from high school in 2013. She knew that she would like to be in the medical field somehow, so also completed a medical assistant program in 2015. She also worked previously in a chiropractic clinic with multiple doctors on staff. She was able to assist in the front and back office. Brenda, joined the HealthSource family in 2017 as the Chiropractic assistant. Brenda was quickly given other tasks due to her ability to multi-task. She has great customer service skills and always remains calm under pressure. In the past two years, she also took over the billing department and currently she is the financial coordinator in our office. So practically, she is the Jane of all trades.

When she is not at work, she enjoys going to the movies, trying new things, new places, and of course shopping! She is the most fashionable person we know!