Brandon B.

Chiropractic Patient

Doing What They Love

Brandon B.

When I came in to see Dr. Liz, I had constant sharp pain in my left side upper back area. My left hand was getting numb, especially, on three of my fingers.

There was tingling that radiated from my left shoulder down to my fingers. Two weeks before visiting Dr. Liz, I could not sleep on my back or on my left side.

The pain was so intense that I had problems sleeping. It interfered with my daily routine such as working, driving, or exercising.

I have tried stretching, messaging, using all kinds of muscle creams, and taking many pain reliever pills. Nothing seemed to help and got worse over the days.

The adjustments and acupuncture helped relieve most of my pain away. It's in progress and I am getting better after each visit.

After seeing Dr. Liz for about two weeks, I was able to sleep on my back, then on my left side. No constant sharp pain in my upper back or my arm. The numbness on my fingers is almost all gone.

I would really recommend Dr. Liz to any friend who has any pain and wants to get better.

Highly recommend acupuncture, painless, and it works.