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Isis A.

Isis Testimonial

Dear Dr. Bruno Contro and team,

You woke me up from a 22 year nightmare! THANK YOU.

The nightmare was my long-term back pain that got exceptionally difficult to endure during my pregnancy.

I was completely vulnerable while pregnant, unable to properly walk, and not allowed to take any medications to relieve my pain.

Additionally, my skepticism did not let me to believe that chiropractic care could heal my chronic pain

so I hoped just for a "quick relief." I am humbled and grateful to say that not only I got a quick relief but I am completely

perfect, recovered, with absolutely no pain after 22 years! This is unbelievable! I never thought that my dream

of back pain recovery could have come true in such a vulnerable moment in my life. I am touched beyond words with the results.

You and Denise are not only an extraordinary care team, but you both are also extraordinary human beings!

My pregnancy could have been a nightmare without your support and care.

Thanks for making my journey to become a mommy nothing less than a fun ride and for "adjusting" my back forever!