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4 ways to get your kids excited about health!

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Eating healthy and maintaining a good balance of nutrition and exercise is important for your child’s future. Teaching them while they are young in a FUN way is a great way to change their lives forever. How do you get them excited in overall health? Start here:

Plan out your menu as a family. Sit down together and talk about recipes or foods your kiddos are craving. Then figure out the best HEALTHY alternative and search tools such as and for recipes.

Go to the grocery store with the kids. Give them each a HEALTHY item to pick out at the store. It is their responsibility to find it. Reward them if they find it. How do you reward them? They get to help you cook that item! Let them be Mommy or Daddy’s little helper.

Cook together. Set up a kids’ station at the table and give them a task. Let them know how important that task is, whether it is mixing up the salad or pouring on the dressing! If they are older let them clean the carrots or chop veggies. Get them a special apron or chef’s hat! Let them be your taste tester!

While at dinner talk about exercise. Reward your kiddos for finishing those veggies with a game of tag in the basement or a game of catch outside. Of course this will be as a family so you are getting exercise too!


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