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Avoid Back Pain During Golf

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Back pain is a common ailment of golfers.  Based on data collected by the Titleist Performance Institute, the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing, more than 28% of all golfers deal with lower back pain after every round.  With so much that goes into making a proper swing – from keeping arms straight, bending the elbows, rotating the body, avoid over-swinging and hunching the back – a poor swing puts excessive stress on the lower back.  The first step is to enlist help from a golf trainer to review your swing.  But there are simple tips all golfers should follow.


Tips to Avoid Back Pain During Golf


  1. Warm up properly. Stretch and hit practice balls before you hit the links.
  2. Stretch your spine and joints. Golfers who have stiffer back rotation and less joint range of motion have more back pain because they are forcing their bodies to move past the comfort zone.
  3. Strengthen your core and give yourself needed rest. Golf requires serious stamina.  The majority of back injuries from swinging are due to overuse, so the stronger your core, the more you are able to do repetitive swings. 
  4. Improve your swing mechanics. Avoid hitting the ball as hard as possible when you step up to the tee, which can cause you to over-swing and tighten up.
  5. Maintain neutral spine positioning. Keep your spine in a relaxed position of comfort and bend with your hips and knees.


According to Dr. Chris Tomshack, CEO and founder of HealthSource, if there is persistent pain after a round of golf, it’s important to have it checked out.  “The repetitive movement and asymmetric nature of the golf swing stresses the back,” said Tomshack.  “Chronic pain after golfing could be the result of a number of conditions ranging from muscle strains and ligament damage to bone spurs or a herniated or degenerated disc.  Schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor to identify the cause of the pain in order to prevent the problem from taking you off the greens for an extended period of time.”