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Avoid Pain From Yard Work Mishaps

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If you're living with arthritis then you know the pain and discomfort that comes with certain tasks that require you to use your arthritic body parts. Maybe it's your hands, your knees or shoulders but arthritis can render you almost helpless on just the wrong day. So, how can you make gardening, during this most magnificent time of year, a good experience? Remember, movement is medicine for the body so don't look for a way to stay inactive. Remaining active can be the best remedy for arthritis pain. Some other tips to consider for the best experience in your yard this weekend are: Warm Up. Stretching is a must before any kind of workout. In order to avoid potential injury warming up your muscles can help best prepare your body for lifting, bending, digging and more. You may also find it helpful to stretch during and after yard work. Raise Your Garden. One of the easiest ways to make your gardening experience a little demanding is to garden in a raised bed or with potted plants that are raised or portable. The closer to you your garden is the less stooping, bending and lifting you have to do. And if you can keep your flower beds closer to your home then it could mean less walking, lugging of soil and tools and generally less exertion you have to put forth. Watch Your Form. Make sure you let your larger muscles do the work and keep heavy items close to your body when you're lifting and carrying. Stand and sit with good posture so you aren't nursing neck pain that night or risking injury while you are working. Whether you have arthritis or not or end up with an injury after some unfortunate incident remember that chiropractic care is ideal for anyone at any age. For both preventative care or nursing an injury you will find relief at your local chiropractic office.