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Chiropractic Care Supports Childhood Health Needs

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The changing seasons mean Spring Break, free time and sometimes kids who just want to stay inside and watch television or play video games while vegging out. Those days where it's not yet hot but there's no snow on the ground to play in can really make it a challenge to be active outdoors. But getting fresh air and enjoying the sunshine make it all worth it. For children, we're living in an epidemic of weight gain, back pain and diabetes. Most of these are the result of poor nutrition and inactivity. Having regular access to video games, cable television and computers makes it that much more tempting to stay inside instead of getting the exercise they need outside. So, if you find yourself chasing your kids outside when the clouds break and rain slows, consider these ideas for how to get them moving with less arguing: Join In. Kids like to do what their parents or adult peers do. If they see you being active whether it be at the gym, outside planting flowers or jogging with the dog around the neighborhood they are naturally going to want to join in. If you have younger and older children, have the older kids participate and set the example for the younger ones. Doing things as a family will help you make good family memories and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Make it Fun. Don't make exercise a strict routine or timed activity. Doing it that way isn't as fun for you or them. A swim here (think indoor pool) and a game of tag there and before you know it, you've been active for three hours. You can also incorporate your pet's needs into your activity routine. Remember, everything counts. And if they can include a friend it will make it seem more fun and less like a true workout. Alternate activities. Don't keep your kids from the computer, books or television all day everyday. Alternating activities, including some quiet inside time will help keep them interested in their outside activities and appreciate their time both inside and outside. Remember, just being active doesn't make you or your kids healthy. It's also important to balance active living with a healthy diet. Make delicious late winter/early spring fruits and vegetables available for snacking throughout the day and put them within your kids' reach. This will help meet their nutritional requirements and serve as a yummy snack. Chiropractic care not only recommends a healthy and balanced lifestyle for adults but for kids as well. Staying active and eating healthy all year around will benefit your whole family and support whole health needs.