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Chiropractic Tips For Tired Parents

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Nothing is comparably exhausting as parenting young children every day, every night, all day without uninterrupted sleep. Besides the obvious, which is getting more sleep, there are other ways to deal with fatigue, boost energy and just not feel so spent. Power Naps. We've all experienced the groggy version of ourselves that awake after a midday two hour nap and then the painful tossing and turning we confront as we lay in bed later that night. Instead of delaying your nightly sleep, take a short power nap of 5 to 15 minutes. You'll feel recharged, not more tired and be able to keep up with your little ones with a little extra zing in your step. Eat Smaller Meals. Instead of filling up on three bigger meals each day with no snacks in between, eat smaller meals and nutritious snacks in between. When we eat, our bodies divert energy from other things to digestion. The more food you eat, the harder your body has to work to digest the food and the less energy you have for things that require your time and energy. Combat Monotony. If you're stuck inside all day then find ways to break up your day. Whether it be getting through a list of chores, visiting the library, meeting a friend for a play date with the kids or heading to the gym don't look at your day as one long unending task. Give yourself small breaks throughout the day, whether it be a quick visit to the chiropractors, a stop at the gym or a hot cup of tea. Breaking your day up with breaks away from continuous work where you can rest your mind and your body will help you stay alert and avoid some of those tiresome drops in your day. If you aren't getting enough sleep, that could be the primary reason for your lethargy. If you suspect an illness, you'll likely benefit from an evaluation with a chiropractor.