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Chiropractors Name Foods That Can Sabotage Your Nutrition

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We think we know what foods are good for us especially if they are covered in words like “lowfat, energy and protein.” Foods can be pitfalls for nutrition, energy, sleep and weight loss. It's important to know what you're eating and exactly what's fueling your body each day because it's a good possibility that what you need isn't what you're getting. Here are some foods that may be sabotaging your good intentions of losing weight: Sugar Free Drinks. Sugar free drinks play mental hopscotch with us as we trade off a small fry for a larger one or add a milkshake as a followup to the cheeseburger. We often will trade up on some foods because we played good and got a diet soda instead of the regular sugar filled one. It's better to skip the soda all together and eat a balanced meal that will satisfy your belly and your brain. Vitamin Enhanced Water. While it seems that water should be calorie free, when vitamin flavoring is added for flavor and nutrition, the vitamin content is minimal and per serving (per bottle it's probably around 2.5) the sugar content equals calorie content. You may be drinking more calories than you intended. Milk. If you're a cow milk drinker and are drinking milk with any fat content, you easily could be getting 80+ calories per serving. While the nutritional benefit of milk is still being debated amongst the health and nutrition community-because of how it's processed, how the cows are raised and fed hormones and because many parts of the world live healthily from other animals milk or plant based milk-if milk is a part of your diet, consider if the calories are worth the taste. Only you can make that choice but know the options are plentiful. You have to decide what is best for you and your family. Chiropractors far and near all agree that along with treating back and neck pain, they can help you make good nutritional choices that can help you shoot for your ideal weight and help keep you moving and flexible to alleviate aches and pains. Because exercise alone will not deal with the nutritional health we all require.