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Condition of the Week...Auto Accidents

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Nearly half of all accident victims had long-term persistent symptoms.*

Often times pain does not happen directly after the accident and can occur several years after the accident! Did you know, the body can move up to a total of 4 to 5 ft. in accidents with impact speeds of only 3-5 mph.

Our patented Progressive Rehab® program was designed to help eliminate pain and keep you pain-free longer!

Studies have shown that the most important time to get care is the FIRST THREE MONTHS following an accident. How the patient feels three months following their accident is the best indicator of how they will feel in one year!

Ask your Doctor or one of our HealthSource Team Members about how you can help one of your friends or family members get rid of their pain! Find a Location Near You.

*Nordhoff L: Motor Vehicle Collision Injury for the 1990’s Doctor\Attorney, Automotive Injury Research Institute, 1994.