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Feed your body and feed your mind

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We all focus on being fit, healthy and in some cases thin! But what about feeding your body healthy food so that you create a healthy mind? Have you ever thought about what food can do for your mind?

Here is a list of some of the best Superfoods for the brain:


It’s been said that these brainy little fruits help protect the brain from stress and can assist with minimizing the effects from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. So why not grab a handful, throw it in a smoothie, add them to your yogurt or just pop them in your mouth.


Aka fish high in Omega-3 essential fatty oil is another brain booster. It has anti-inflammatory substances that only fatty fishes contain. Eating it a couple times a week may just keep you fresh for the future. Not a fan of fish, try Omega Supplements!


These yummy snacks are also beneficial in the fight against the aging mind because they contain Vitamin E.

These are just a few food sources that can help you keep the brain healthy and sharp. Other ways to fuel the brain are reading, meditation, and staying in the right mindset.