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Fiber, fiber it’s good for your heart!


It’s no secret that fiber is good for you.

It regulates your digestive system, keeps you full so you don’t overeat throughout the day, and has also been shown to lower your risk for diseases like diabetes. But according to a recent study, fiber is also thought to lower the risk for America’s #1 killer: cardiovascular disease.

The study examined 23,168 men and women from 1999-2010 and found that those who ate more fiber—commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and breads—had a lower risk of not just cardiovascular disease, but also decreased the likelihood of obesity and lowered inflammation in the body.

Cardiovascular disease is often called the “silent killer” because the cells that line our arteries in our heart can malfunction long before any problems are noticed. The disease is often associated with a high fat diet and obesity.