Find Relief from Ear Infections!

Find Relief from Ear Infections!

Parents know this all too well: ear infections are a bummer! In the United States, nearly five of six children have at least one ear infection by the time they reach three years of age. This is because bacteria can enter the Eustachian Tube (middle ear) more easily because it is not fully developed. Fortunately, antibiotics aren’t’ the only treatment for ear infections. Chiropractic can help. First, let’s discuss the symptoms of an ear infection:

  • Earaches or tugging at the ear
  • Ear and nasal drainage
  • Fever
  • Poor sleep
  • Irritability and crying
  • Decreased appetite

The Eustachian Tube allows equalized pressure on the eardrum and allows fluid to drain away from the inner ear. When the Eustachian tube is blocked, fluid builds up and causes an infection.

Here’s how chiropractic can help

Next to these Eustachian tubes are small bones sticking out from the sides of vertebrae, called the transverse process. When a vertebra is misaligned or “subluxated,” swollen tissue will result causing the Eustachian tubes to block. By removing the subluxations through specific chiropractic adjustments you can reduce the tissue swelling around the Eustachian Tubes and allow the inner ear to drain, clearing the infection within a couple days in many cases.

Chiropractic care works on relieving symptoms and complications associated with ear infections by relieving pressure off the Eustachian tubes. Evidence shows Chiropractic care to be helpful within 10 days and fewer than 5 adjustments. Find a HealthSource location near you.