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Food Prep Made easy from your Chiropractor

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I get it. Life is crazy. There isn't time for anything.

But this go-go-go attitude can have disastrous results on your waistline when it comes to meal time. Grabbing a quick bite from the local fast casual eatery too often can be your undoing

That's why meal prep can be a fitness savior! Preparing your meals on Sunday for the week can be the difference between meeting your health goals or giving up once again.

Here's 5 simple meal prepping tips that will make you lunch and dinner a heck of a lot easier so you can spend more time with the family and less time in the kitchen!

  1. Build the best essential grocery list complete with the staples:
    Frozen vegetables
    Canned vegetables
    Good starches like white potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rice
    Lean protein like chicken, pork loin, tuna
  2. Pick out versatile containers. Glass works nice for reheating and if you find containers with sections it's easy to separate food for portion control.
  3. Prep with friends. Who doesn't want an excuse to hang out, chat and get your weekly food planned out! You will save time and catch up on each other's lives.
  4. Find recipes that you like for both lunch and dinner. Better yet find recipes that you can transform into something completely different. is a wonderful resource for finding recipe and meal prep tips.
  5. Start simple and choose meals that are easy to plan. Chop your veggies for stir-fry in advance, then grab and go for dinner. Cooking chicken and rice ahead of time will make it that much easier when you go and combine it all in your favorite wok!