Getting a Grip on Stress! What is it?

Getting a Grip on Stress! What is it?

We need to learn how to laugh more! A study reprinted years ago showed that on average, toddlers laugh 400 times a day, while adults only laugh 15 times a day.

We need to learn how to laugh more!

Research at Loma Linda University showed that comedy, producing laughter, has the ability to lower your body’s blood pressure and increase your immune system by lowering your body’s level of stress. If we ever hope to deal more effectively with stress, all of us need to learn how to laugh more.

But what is stress? One person defines stress as, “The rate of wear and tear on the body as a result of anxiety, worry, or exhaustion from a difficult or challenging situation.

But what is stress?

Stress can be mental or emotional. It can make you feel anxious, worried, fearful and even angry. In fact some people express the stress in their life on the road in the form of road rage. So how could you deal with someone who expresses their frustrations and anger with life on the road… on you?

Stress can be chemical. In fact, many Americans try to counter the chemical effects of stress by taking more chemicals such as drugs or alcohol. According to the latest statistics, over 75 billion dollars are spent each year on legal drugs. Of the 75 billion dollars, about half, or 40 billion dollars are spent each year trying to help stress induced problems.

Stress can be physical. Is there any doubt that stress can cause muscle tension, neck pain, backaches, stomach ulcers, and even heart attacks? Stress can certainly be physical.

Some of the primary symptoms of stress include: headaches, fatigue, pain throughout the neck, shoulders, or lower back, irritability, sleeping and or digestive problems, allergy and sinus troubles. If you suffer more then one stress symptom, that means two, three, four or more, or you suffer from these symptoms more then once a week, your body has a stress disorder.

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