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Headache Relief From Your Chiropractor

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With the seasons changing and the weather turning cooler some days but still hot on others, it can be difficult to play accordingly for activities, outings and even work. There are some individuals who dread warmer weather or weather change because of heat induced headaches. Headache pain can be triggered by the change in temperature, humidity and air pressure. But a severe headache could also be symptomatic of a heat related illness such as a heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Headaches often are attributed to the blood vessels expanding or contracting in response to some outside incident. Headaches such as cluster, tension or migraine can be brought on by a number of triggers that you may or may not recognize. Experiences such as an argument with your spouse may bring on a tension headache. While cluster headaches tend to occur frequently over a short period of time, they may be more frequent in response to a food allergy you don't recognize. A migraine may be triggered by a surge in hormones, a weather change or a particular food. For those headaches that are due to extreme heat where the body is sending you warning signals, there is no need to identify a trigger. The heat is the culprit and cooling down and getting hydrated should be your ultimate concern. Heat exhaustion is a result of a combination of high temperatures, high humidity and overexerting yourself. These may not be as common come fall but again, mother nature has a mind of her own so you never know what the weather may bring. A heat stroke is more dangerous than heat exhaustion, as your body temperature reaches extreme temperatures rapidly and can no longer cool itself down. As with heat exhaustion, headache, cramps, rapid pulse, nausea and vomiting may occur along with confusion and loss of consciousness. Severe headaches that are accompanied by the above symptoms in hot weather should be taken seriously and treated promptly. If you experience a headache during hot weather make sure to get into a location that is cooler and get hydrated. With children and the elderly, a prompt response is critical. If you're suffering with headaches for any reason on a regular basis, consider consulting with your chiropractors office. A thorough assessment can help you determine the cause and the necessary course of treatment. Reduced headache pain is often attributed to regular chiropractic adjustments.