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How Chiropractic can help with eye health


The solar eclipse is upon us, and if there's one thing you've been bombarded with it's that you better not look directly at the sun without protective eye wear.

The reason for this is because the sun is so bright during the eclipse that it could literally burn your retina, causing temporary or even permanent blindness.

And since eye health is already in the news, did you know chiropractic can be a crucial component in making sure your eyes are healthy? That's because your eyes rely on proper blood flow to receive the oxygen and nutrients necessary to function. The blood that goes to the eyes travels along the vertebral arteries, but when the five vertebrae that sit below the skull are out of alignment, they can constrict these arteries, which can prevent proper blood flow to the eyes. This is sometimes the cause of headaches, in addition to blurry vision and other eye issues.
So if you're having vision problems, it may be time to visit the chiropractor.