Mary Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Back Pain Grow

Mary Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Back Pain Grow

Spring is here, and for most of us that means it's time to start digging, planting, and making that garden look beautiful again.

But does your green thumb have to come at the expense of your back?

All that bending over and digging can do a number on your lower back, your neck, and even your shoulders. So what's a gardener to do?

Have no fear: We have some wonderful tips to get you through gardening season and into enjoying your flowerbeds without pain.

  • Raising your flowerbeds can make it easier by reducing the need to bend down to the ground. The height of a raised bed is completely up to the gardener’s need and if you add a border around the flowerbed it gives you a nice place to sit while working.
  • Know the proper way to work while standing or kneeling in the yard. Remember to bend with the knees, not from the waist. Let gardening tools do the job for you and choose tools that have longer handles and are lightweight to help aid you. Ask for assistance from others whenever lifting, pulling, or pushing heavy items.
  • Stretch during and after yard work. And if you can keep your flowerbeds closer to your home then it could mean less walking, lugging of soil and tools and generally less exertion you have to put forth.
  • Watch your form. Make sure you let your larger muscles do the work and keep heavy items close to your body when you're lifting and carrying. Stand and sit with good posture so you aren't nursing neck pain at night or risking injury while you are working. Whether you have an injury or are trying to prevent injury from occurring chiropractic care is ideal for anyone at any age.
  • And as always, see your chiropractor regularly to make sure your body is running as smoothly as possible. Find your clinic and make an appointment above today