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Prevent Pregnancy Back Pain With Chiropractic Care

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Pregnancy comes with many side effects both seemingly normal and many that may seem completely unrelated. Back pain and neck pain related to pregnancy is unfortunately common but you don't have to endure the pain for nine months without relief. Here are some ways to approach back pain naturally: When sitting and standing for long periods of time a pregnant woman may encounter discomfort. Your shoes may be the culprit. Make sure that in addition to being comfortable and supportive your shoes allow for some possible swelling. Some extra flexibility and room may do the trick. If you're sitting for any length of time, perhaps at your desk at work, sit with your hips and lower back against your chair so you aren't tempted to slouch. Keeping your feet flat on the floor and knees at a ninety degree angle may help keep your posture in check as well. Using a lumbar support may help as well. Check your posture. During pregnancy with many women gaining at least 25-35 pounds (but half gain more than that) losing your center of gravity is very likely. Keeping your posture in check will take some extra attention. Try to keep your back flat (instead of bowed inward), bottom tucked under (not out), pelvis flat (not open outward) and ears over your shoulders so your spine is straight up and down like a string is tugging you upward from the top of your head. When lifting anything that is light to moderately heavy keep your back flat, hold the object close to your body, lift with your arms and legs and don't twist while lifting or bending. And of course, when possible, let someone else do the lifting for you. If it seems like it may be too challenging to lift something then ask for help. Regular chiropractic appointments can help you avoid unnecessary pain and maintain good health during and after a pregnancy. Caring for yourself now can make for an easier and safer delivery down the road.