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Soccer Players RUN How Far on the Field???

Soccer Player Run.jpg

Did you say 7 miles???

That’s how far the average soccer player will run in a single game during this year’s World Cup. But if you think that sounds exhausting consider this: the referees run even more. All this despite the fact that the game lasts 90 minutes over a 100-yard field.

Want to know how soccer compares to other competitive sports? Check it out:

Football: 1.25 miles on average (receivers and cornerbacks)
Baseball: .046 miles!
Basketball: 2.9 miles according to
Tennis: 3 miles during a match.

Are these distances what you expected?

That’s a WHOLE lot of calories being burnt all around. How about this stat: According to Harvard Health Publications, the average soccer player (155 – 185 pounds) burns about 260-311 calories for 30 minutes of play time.