The Many Uses of RockTape

The Many Uses of RockTape

RockTape (or Kinesiology Tape) is a muscular performance enhancing product that wasn't just designed for athletic use. Although RockTape is used by professional athletes; many doctors, athletic trainers, and rehabilitation therapists uses it as an active method to aid the body's natural healing processes. There are three main categories of use for RockTape:

1. Performance

When applied to muscles before athletic activity, RockTape acts as a stabilizer and additional structural support for joints. The structural function of RockTape also allows pressure to be alleviated from muscles. These benefits alone increase the overall endurance of muscles and the longevity of joint health.

2. Recovery and Structure

RockTape immediately begins compressing the muscles that are covered once it is applied to the skin. This compression helps force out toxic byproducts caused by exercise and promotes blood flow once the Tape is removed. Compressing the muscles also helps to maintain proper structural form and posture, which helps to fight muscle and joint degeneration. 

3. Pain

We as humans experience pain as our muscles and joints begin to lose energy and tighten up. RockTape has the distinct advantage of interfering with the pain signals coming from your body through the sensation it provides to the skin. Thus blocking the signals from reaching the brain, and reducing overall feelings of pain.